Best Apps for Students to Boost Their Productivity

Discover the best top student productivity apps: Anki, Todoist, Notion, Trello, and Slides Go academically with our expert recommendations. Try it now.

We are living in a highly technological world, which keeps evolving with every passing day. Every day we wake up to the news of a new advancement that ends up making our lives easier. Yes, this digitization has blessed us with a lot of ease, however, what we need to understand is that nothing in this world is perfect, and everything has its pros and cons.

While there are a lot of benefits of digitization and technology, let us also not forget the disadvantages. It has negatively affected the lives of the children, who now find it super hard to concentrate on their studies. Now that Netflix, and YouTube, have become merely a click away, it has certainly become far more difficult to stay focused on schoolwork.

If you are a student and are reading this article, then answer the question that we are about to ask. Do you usually start studying but then take a little break and start surfing the web or social media? If yes, then that means that you need to look for other ways to boost your productivity because this way you will fall behind and start failing all your courses.

However, don’t start feeling so anxious now as we have conducted a little research of our own and have come up with the greatest applications for students to enhance their productivity. These apps will help the students complete all their study plans and assist them in blocking all the major distractions. How cool is that?

All you need is a reliable internet connection like the one offered by Xfinity and you’ll be able to use all of these apps without any interruptions. Just contact Comcast en EspaƱol (for Spanish speakers only) and sign up for the internet deal that best meets your budget. Once you are done signing up with a reliable provider, go ahead and start using the productivity apps that we have mentioned below.


If you are finding it hard to memorize things for a test, then Anki is the app for you. This app helps you design a more reasonable schedule and also provides you with a set of flashcards that greatly help in storing important concepts in your memory.

So the next time you have a hard time learning those important facts and figures, don’t waste countless hours scribbling these out, just download Anki and you’ll be all set to ace your exams.


There are countless different methods that you can effectively use to keep track of all the important things that you have to get done in a day. However, using sticky notes is the best approach.

Todoist provides you with the option of scribbling down your notes in its user-friendly interface. It helps you monitor all your tasks and gives you an overview of all the tasks that are pending and all that are completed.


If you are in search of an app that helps, you make more detailed notes, organize your thoughts, develop comprehensive to-do lists, and nicely connect all your important content then you will want to download this app called Notion.

You’ll be surprised to know that Notion is completely free to use and you will find it to be an amazing organizational tool for your ideas, tasks, thoughts, etc. So the next time you feel like your mind is cluttered with all the courses that you have to cover, download this app and make your lives easier.


Trello is an app that enables you to group all your important tasks and assignments so you feel motivated and productive. It gives you a very clear overview of every single thing that you are studying and working on and also gives you a summary of the work that is still pending. This app is amazing for both teams as well as individuals.

A simple way is to divide all the important assignments into groups labeled ‘To Do’, ‘Doing’, and ‘Done’. You can also design different boards and play cards in accordance with their purpose, for instance, you can easily design a board for all the different research papers you need to write and easily group them into ‘To Do’, ‘First Draft’, ‘Final version’ etc.

Slides Go

If you feel like you are not good at delivering presentations, Slides Go has a plethora of classy templates for both Google Slides and PowerPoint. It has several different designs that you can easily search by color and by style. For instance, if you are preparing to deliver a presentation on Earth Day, you will essentially find many templates with a green and brown theme palette.

Final Words

We hope the top five apps that we have enlisted above will help you enhance your productivity and will in turn assist you in passing your exams with flying colors.
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