How To Convert Your Windows Desktop PC look Like MacOS in 2022

How To Convert Your Windows Desktop PC look Like MacOS in 2022

If you find on youtube and google how to convert my current desktop - to make windows look like macOS, Your tight place in this post is a step-by-step guide to creating a stylish windows desktop with icon folders, and Windows 10 & 11 best theme download.

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Hi everyone viewer if you searching and finding on the internet how to make windows 11/10 look like macOS, Make sure the right place complete guide to converting windows to macOS in 2022 best theme for macOS.

Guys complete read this article and Make your own desktop pc windows look like macOS.

First of all download file in this article and open this Winrar file and extract this folder, Now First step create a windows desktop that looks like macOS.

How To Make Your Windows Look Like macOS
  • Hide The Taskbar.
  • Install a Dock.
  • Install The Launcher.
  • Install The Icons.
  • Install the Search App.
  • Install The Cursor Pack.
  • Change The Wallpaper.
  • Install Mac-Like Apps

How To Make Your Windows Desktop Look Like macOS in 2022


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