AdFly - Shortener Links Website | Best Way to Make Money Online With Link Shortener Websites + Payment Proof

Friends, are you searching an Earn Money Online with Short links Website? Earn money for every visitor to your shortened links website with AdFly is the best short link site to earn money. AdFly - The URL shortener service website is the best payouts and highest paying URL shortener 2019. shortener URLs website and earn money with short links from the internet. 
AdFly - Shortener Links Website | Best Way to Make Money Online With Link Shortener Websites + Payment Proof

 AdFly is the best most trusted URL shortener website to earn money & make money online ways form the Shorten links website. Adfly 2019 to 2020 is the best most useful short links website. Shorten links and share links earn money in India and Pakistan. Most high paying URL shortener websites already available on this website but most high paying websites for better Adfly.

Adsfly Publisher Rates
CountryDesktop CPMMobile CPM
United States$80.35$19.20$6.28$10.25$3.33
United Kingdom$61.05$6.24$3.07$3.82$2.36



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Register for an account and start shrinking.
Get paid for every person who visits your URLs.
Place your links on Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Adfly enables its users to shorten their URLs and attract more visitors in order to earn money on the internet.

How Do I Join AdFly To Make Money?

To register in AdFly please click the 'Join Now' button on our homepage: Join Now
Fill out the necessary information fields on the signup form and select 'Link Shrinker' from the account type dropdown.
It does not cost anything to join as a publisher. Learn More Information

Safe Advertising
All advertising is strictly family-safe with no popups. Anti-virus and malware servers are scanning the adverts 24/7.

Pay for real visitors on your website, our comprehensive fraud filters ensure high-quality traffic. Campaigns start at only $5.

Low Minimum Payout
You are required to earn only $5 before you will be paid. We can pay all users via PayPal or Payoneer.

Detailed statistics are provided per link. Allowing you at a glance see the amount you've earned, referring URLs and countries.

Easy-to-use API that allows your website, widget or app to create an link instantly and securely.

Website Scripts
We offer a selection of simple to install scripts, now you can easily get paid for every visitor who comes to your website.

Payment Method

What Is The Withdrawal Section For?

The withdrawal section of your account allows you to enter either a PayPal email address or a Payoneer account.
We will use this information to pay you on the payment day each month.

Please see:
and create an account at one of these websites. You can use either website, it is your choice.
When you have done this, you can login to your account and update your withdrawal information on:
For PayPal, please enter your PayPal email address e.g.
For Payoneer, please click the 'Payoneer' link on the account page. Think link will only be visible once you have reach at least $10 earnings.

Withdraw your earnings
Your earnings will be automatically paid before midnight on the next payment date (December 1st, 2019) if your earnings have reached a total of $5.00 or more for the previous month(s). Please note, Payoneer currently has a minimum withdrawal of $10. Please ensure your account ID is correct below, otherwise, you cannot be paid. If you wish to purposefully miss a payment, please remove your payment details from your account before the 1st of the month.

Daily Payments
Daily Payments are available to all users that have been paid out at least once on our monthly automated payments, have had an account for longer than 1 month and have not updated their account details in the last 72 hours.

Advert Preferences
Mobile App ads
How Can I Maximise My Earnings From Visitors On A Mobile Device?
We now have the option for you to enable mobile app adverts. This means your visitors on a mobile device could see an advert that will automatically open the App Store or Google Play when they click on one of your AdFly links.
To continue, the visitor must close the program and click the 'Skip Ad button'.
While some Publishers will not want their visitors to have to do this, it does provide significantly more revenue for the Publisher if they do.
So we are now giving our Publishers the option to include these adverts or not.
To turn on or off this feature, please go to:
and select the relevant setting for 'Enable Mobile App advertising'.

'Skip Ad' adverts:

What Are The "Skip Ad" Adverts Setting In My AdFly Account For?

We have recently added a new feature that will allow you to increase your AdFly links revenue by 20%-100%.
How can we afford to do this? Very simple, now there will be a new pop ad when someone clicks the 'Skip Ad' button on the advertising window. The user will be redirected to their destination URL as normal but you will earn additional money.
If you don't want to show your visitors any pop ads, no problem - you can turn off 'Skip Ad' Adverts at any time in your account settings:
We know not everyone wants pop ads, so they will always be optional on AdFly.

Push Ad' adverts:
In AdFly, we want to make sure that our advertising meets Google Compliant so that your audience has the best experience while visiting your website, therefore, we've added a new variable to our Pop Ads Script:
var adfly_google_compliant = true;
You can add this configuration line if you want to show Pop Ads only when a website visitor clicks any link.

How Do I Unsubscribe From Push Notifications?

If you no longer want to receive push notifications from a website you subscribed earlier, please follow these simple steps:

Chrome Browser
Open Chrome browser and type chrome://settings/content in a new tab.
A pop-up window with content setting will be displayed, scroll down and tap ‘Notifications’.
A list of website URLs you have subscribed for will appear. Select the website URL you want to unsubscribe. Here you can allow, deny or completely delete a website URL.

Firefox Browser
Open Mozilla Firefox browser, then go to the Firefox menu and select ‘Options’.
Select ‘Privacy & Security’ and scroll down to ‘Permissions’, then click the ‘Notifications’ settings.
A ‘Notification Permissions’ window will pop-up. In this section, select the site URLs you wish to unsubscribe. Then click on ‘Remove Web Site’.

Android Devices

Open Chrome browser and Click on Menu, under this section tap ‘Settings’.
Scroll Down and click on ‘Site Settings’.
In ‘Site Settings’, again continue to scroll down and choose ‘Notifications’.
In ‘Notifications’, select the site you want to allow or deny push notifications.
On the next screen, tap on ‘Clear & Reset’, a pop-up will appear asking for your permission to Allow or Block notifications from the selected website. Choose the option as per your preference.

Stop Adblock users:
What Is The "Stop Adblock Users" Feature?
In addition to alerting your visitors when a browser extension is blocking AdFly, you can now decide to allow them to continue to the destination link or advise them to deactivate it for AdFly first.
To turn on this feature login to your account and go to:
and tick 'Yes' on the 'Stop Adblock Users' setting. Then click on 'Update Account'.
Users who now click on your AdFly short links will be requested to turn off any ad blocking extensions in order to continue to the destination website.
To allow them to continue anyway (earning no revenue) just tick the 'No' setting instead.

Communication Preferences

We would like to keep in contact with you, tell you about our latest features and how to maximize your earnings.

In compliance with GDPR, would you like to receive our communications?

Make Money Online by Shortener URLs via

First, you've to Sign Up for a free account. Click the button below to sign up instantly:

Upon complete sign-up procedure, you will land on a page that has a bar with Shorten a link title. monetizing paste your long URL there.

Now press the Shrink! Button to shorten the link and monetize it.

After pressing the shrink button, will shorten your link. Now press the Copy button to copy the link to your clipboard.

Now that you've shortened the link publicize it using your websites, social media handles, and by other means. But remember one thing, DO NOT SPAM!
How does work?

When someone visits your shortened URL, he/she will have to see 5 seconds advertisement. After it, a SKIP AD option will appear. SKIP AD Button redirects the user to the original page whose URL you've shortened.

In this way, the visitor only has to wait for a mere 5 seconds which is not a considerable lag of time but will surely give you money in your account. The amount you'll earn is very less, like about $0.005 but think if your one shortened link can give you $0.005 then what if 1000 visitors use your link? Simple, you'll make $5 without any efforts.

All you did is shrinking a URL, and you earned $5 which is a fair amount of money if you made it without any efforts. Now, this was only about a single URL. You can shrink multiple URLs and distribute them via social media or websites or blog. The complete tutorial is given below. Payment Proofs

I created a new Twitter account to test my campaign. That Twitter account was my only way to promote my shortened links. I tested it for four months by posting one tweet daily for one 2 weeks then 2 -3 tweets every week. This is what I was able to make with no efforts:
AdFly Payments
$29.97 is probably not a huge amount, but considering the efforts I put into this test campaign, it is a reasonable amount. Not only that, I received four bonus rewards too from for downtimes and other technical issues.

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