How To Add Own Shortcut Keys in CorelDraw x7 for Beginners Best Tips & Tricks - Corel draw x7 Shortcut Keys

 Add own Corel draw x7 Shortcut Keys for through Keyboard using the Customization command-line tool and add at will Shortcut Key in Coreldraw x7 for Beginners shortcut CorelDraw user guide Best Tips & Tricks Coreldraw x7 shortcut fast artist use. using shortcut keys and create fast any design in Coreldraw save time. we have already added Shortcut Keys in Coreldraw x7 50 best Shortcut Keys using the keyboard. free download Corel draws x7 shortcut keyboard pdf and open the pdf book and learn keyboard shortcut keys and enjoy this pdf book.

Corel draw x7 Shortcut Keys

How to Customization

for customization purposes all menus, toolbars, property bars, and status bars are considered command bar page lets you create, edit, delete and set properties for the command bars.

The Commands page lets you drag-and-drop commands from the command list to any command bar. you can also edit properties such as tooltip, caption-text, shortcut key, and bitmap image for any command.

It is possible to customize any command bar without using the command page. To do so, press and hold ALT (to move) or CTRL-ALT (to copy) and drag and drop a selected item from one command bar to another.

What is the shortcut key of CorelDRAW?

Press CTRL-D again, CorelDRAW now remembers the transformation and automatically applies it to the new duplicate. Zoom: - F2: Zoom in the tool - F3: Zoom out - CTRL-F2: Zoom to selected objects - F4: Zoom to all objects - H: Hand pan the screen. - F9: Full-screen preview, very useful.

How do I create a shortcut key in CorelDRAW?

To assign a keyboard shortcut to a command 
Command page of the Options dialog box lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts for commonly used menu commands and tools. Click the Shortcut keys tab to access the controls you need. 4. Choose a shortcut key table from the Shortcut key table list box.

What is the CorelDRAW tool?

CorelDRAW Tools. Freehand Pick tool - Select objects by using a freehand selection marquee. Position and transform objects. Shape tool (F10) - Edit a curve object or text character by manipulating nodes.

How to add Own Shortcut keys in Coreldraw x7?

The first step opens the Coreldraw software and creates a new document page or template: To manually add shortcuts in Coral Draw x7, First, open the Coral Draw, and creates a new document page blank. 

Now drag the mouse arrow in Manus bars and click the Tools option and Customization, now click the commands links, 

Right side option show General, Shortcut Key, and Appearance. Select and click the Shortcut Key option. Shortcut Key Table: Shortcut Assignment: New Shortcut Key: Now select any manus bars, tools bars option 
for example:
Select the power clip option and chose the PowerClip Inside and add a shortcut key, for example, Q
now clicks the Assign Option and press the OK button. 

Now check the PowerClip Inside menubars tools and show shortcut keys. Now create a document or design if PowerClip Inside works to press the keyboard Q and drag and drop file.
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Complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts PDF BOOK Free Download
Align Bottom B Aligns selected objects to the bottom
Align Centers Horizontally E Horizontally aligns the centers of the selected objects
Align Centers Vertically C Vertically aligns the centers of the selected objects
Align Left LAligns selected objects to the left
Align Right R Aligns selected objects to the right
Align To BaselineAlt+F12 Aligns text to the baseline
Align Top T Aligns selected objects to the top
Artistic Media I Draws curves and applies Preset, Brush, Spray, Calligraphic or Pressure Sensitive effe
Back One Ctrl+PgDn Back One
Break Apart Ctrl+KBreaks apart the selected object
Brightness/Contrast/IntensityCtrl+B Brightness/Contrast/Intensity... 
Bring up Property Bar Ctrl+Enter Brings up the Property Bar and gives focus to the first visible item that can be tabbed to
Center to Page P Aligns the centers of the selected objects to page
Character Formatting Ctrl+T Character Formatting
Color Balance... Ctrl+Shift+B Color Balance
Combine Ctrl+L Combines the selected objects
Contour Ctrl+F9 Opens the Contour Docker Window
Convert Ctrl+F8 Converts artistic text to paragraph text or vice versa
Convert Outline To Object Ctrl+Shift+Q Converts an outline to an object
Convert To Curves Ctrl+Q Converts the selected object to a curve
Copy Ctrl+C Copies the selection and places it on the Clipboard
Copy  Ctrl+InsertCopies the selection and places it on the Clipboard
Cut Ctrl+X Cuts the selection and places it on the Clipboard
Cut Shift+Delete Cuts the selection and places it on the Clipboard
Delete  DeleteDeletes the selected object(s)
Distribute Bottom Shift+B Distributes selected objects to the bottom
Distribute Centers Horizontally Shift+E Horizontally Distributes the centers of the selected objects
Distribute Centers Vertically Shift+C Vertically Distributes the centers of the selected objects
Distribute LeftShift+L Distributes selected objects to the left
Distribute Right Shift+RDistributes selected objects to the right
Distribute Spacing Horizontally  Shift+PHorizontally Distributes the space between the selected
Distribute Spacing Vertically Shift+A Vertically Distributes the space between the selected objects
Distribute Top Shift+T Distributes selected objects to the top
Duplicate Ctrl+D Duplicates the selected object(s) and offsets by a specified amount
Duplicate In Place + Duplicates the selected object(s) at their current location
Dynamic Guides Alt+Shift+D Shows or hides the Dynamic Guides (toggle)
Edit Text... Ctrl+Shift+T Opens the Edit Text dialog box
Ellipse F7 Draws ellipses and circles; double-clicking the tool opens the Toolbox tab of the Option
Envelope Ctrl+F7 Opens the Envelope Docker Window
Eraser X Erases part of a graphic or splits an object into two closed paths
Exit  Alt+F4Exits CorelDRAW and prompts to save the active drawing
Export... Ctrl+E Exports text or objects to another format
Font Size Decrease Ctrl+NUMPAD2 Decreases font size to previous point size
Font Size Increase  Ctrl+NUMPAD8Increases font size to next point size
Font Size Next Combo Size Ctrl+NUMPAD6 Increase font size to next setting in Font Size List
Font Size Previous Combo Size Ctrl+NUMPAD4 Decrease font size to previous setting available in the Font Size List
Forward One Ctrl+PgUp Forward One
Fountain Fill... F11 Applies fountain fills to objects
Freehand F5 Draws lines and curves in Freehand mode
Full-Screen Preview F9 Displays a full-screen preview of the drawing
Graph Paper D Draws a group of rectangles; double-clicking opens the Toolbox tab of the Options dial
Graphic and Text Styles Ctrl+F5 Opens the Graphic and Text Styles Docker Window
Group Ctrl+G Groups the selected objects
Hand H Hand Tool
Horizontal Text CCtrl+, Changes the text to the horizontal direction
Hue/Saturation/Lightness... Ctrl+Shift+U Hue/Saturation/Lightness
Import... Ctrl+I Imports text or objects
Insert Symbol Character Ctrl+F11 Opens the Insert Character Docker Window
Interactive Fill G Adds a fill to object(s); clicking and dragging on object(s) applies a fountain fill
Lens Alt+F3 Opens the Lens Docker Window
Linear Alt+F2 Contains functions for assigning attributes to linear dimension lines
Macro Editor... Alt+F11 Macro Editor...
Mesh Fill M Converts an object to a Mesh Fill object
Micro Nudge Down  Ctrl+DnArrowNudges the object downward by the Micro Nudge factor
Micro Nudge Left  Ctrl+LeftArrowNudges the object to the left by the Micro Nudge factor
Micro Nudge Right  Ctrl+RightArrowNudges the object to the right by the Micro Nudge factor
Micro Nudge Up Ctrl+UpArrow Nudges the object upward by the Micro Nudge factor
Navigator N Brings up the Navigator window allowing you to navigate to any object in the document
New Ctrl+N Creates a new drawing
Next Page PgDnGoes to the next page
Nudge Down narrow Nudges the object downward
Nudge Left LeftArrow Nudges the object to the left
Nudge Right  right arrowNudges the object to the right
Nudge Up  UpArrowNudges the object up
Open... Ctrl+O Opens an existing drawing
Options... Ctrl+J Opens the dialog for setting CorelDRAW options
Outline Color... Shift+F12 Opens the Outline Color dialog box
Outline Pen... F12 Opens the Outline Pen dialog box
Pan Down Alt+DnArrowPan Down 
Pan Left Alt+LeftArrowPan Left 
Pan Right Alt+RightArrowPan Right 
Pan Up Alt+UpArrowPan Up 
Paste Ctrl+V Pastes the Clipboard contents into the drawing
Paste Shift+Insert Pastes the Clipboard contents into the drawing
Place Inside Container... Ctrl+1 Places selected object(s) into a PowerClip container object
Polygon Y Draws polygons
Position Alt+F7Opens the Position Docker Window
Previous Page PgUpGoes to the previous page
Print... Ctrl+P Prints the active drawing
Properties Alt+Enter Allows the properties of an object to be viewed and edited
Record Temporary Macro Ctrl+Shift+RRecord Temporary Macro
Rectangle F6 Draws rectangles; double-clicking the tool creates a page frame
Redo Ctrl+Shift+ZReverses the last Undo operation
Refresh Window Ctrl+W Redraws the drawing window
Repeat Ctrl+R Repeats the last operation
Rotate Alt+F8 Opens the Rotate Docker Window
Run Temporary Macro  Ctrl+Shift+PRun Temporary Macro
Save As... S Ctrl+Shift+Saves the active drawing with a new name
Save...  Ctrl+SSaves the active drawing
Scale Alt+F9 WindowOpens the Scale Docker 
Select all Ctrl+ASelect all object of the active page
Shape  F10Edits the nodes of an object; double-clicking the tool selects all nodes on the selected
Size Alt+F10 WindowOpens the Size Docker 
Smart Drawing  Shift+S Dbl-clickopens Smart Drawing Tool options; Shift+drag backwards over line erases
Snap to Grid Ctrl+Y Snaps objects to the grid (toggle)
Snap to Objects Alt+Z Snaps objects to other objects (toggle)
Spell Check...  Ctrl+F12Opens the Spell Checker; checks the spelling of the selected text
Spiral A Draws spirals; double-clicking opens the Toolbox tab of the Options dialog
Step and Repeat...  Ctrl+Shift+DShows Step and Repeat docker
Stop Recording Ctrl+Shift+O Stop Recording
Super Nudge Down Shift+DnArrow Nudges the object downward by the Super Nudge factor
Super Nudge Left Shift+LeftArrow Nudges the object to the left by the Super Nudge factor
Super Nudge Right  Shift+RightArrowNudges the object to the right by the Super Nudge factor
Super Nudge Up Shift+UpArrow Nudges the object upward by the Super Nudge factor
Symbol Manager Ctrl+F3 Symbol Manager Docker
Text F8 Adds text; click on the page to add Artistic Text; click and drag to add Paragraph Text
To Back Of Layer Shift+PgDn To Back Of Layer
To Back Of Page Ctrl+End To Back Of Page
To Front Of Layer Shift+PgUp To Front Of Layer
To Front Of Page  Ctrl+HomeTo Front Of Page
Toggle Pick State Ctrl+Space Toggles between the current tool and the Pick tool
Toggle View Shift+F9 Toggles between the last two used view qualities
Undo Ctrl+ZReverses the last operation
UndoAlt+Backspace Reverses the last operation
Ungroup Ctrl+U Ungroups the selected objects or group of objects
Uniform Fill... Shift+F11 Applies uniform color fills to objects
Use bullets Ctrl+M Show/Hide Bullet
Vertical Text Ctrl+. Changes the text to vertical
View Manager Ctrl+F2 Opens the View Manager Docker Window
What's This? Shift+F1 What's This? Help
Zoom Z Zoom Tool
Zoom One-Shot F2
Zoom Out F3 Zoom Out
Zoom To Fit F4 Zoom To All Objects
Zoom To Page Shift+F4 Zoom To Page
Zoom To Selection Shift+F2 Zoom To Selected

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